So You Wanna Look Like A Celebrity?


…or at least the hottest chick in town? Then, here’s what you’ll need in your makeup bag to get started: Primer So, without being diplomatic in any way, if you’re over a “certain” age and can visibly detect any lines, pores, blemishes, … Read more

Ellen’s Inner Thigh Toner

Style Confessions’ Secret Wellness pro, Ellen Barrett shows you a simple inner thigh exercise you can do at home, to get you tighter, firmer, leaner thighs in no time.

Celebrity Style Steal… Kourtney


If white is still the new black… then Kourtney Kardashian has the white idea, with this Summer look. Who knew white on white, paired with a long chain necklace would be this chic? So, we stole it. … Read more

Germ-free Yoga Mat


You don’t need fancy sprays or detergents to keep germs at bay on your exercise mat. Here’s what I’ve done for years… and my yoga mats have never ever deteriorated: First… I have 3 mats that I rotate. One is in use … Read more