Room Makeover at… Kmart??


Recently I got a call from a potential client asking if I could re-do her living room as a surprise birthday present for her husband. “Oh fun! What a cute idea!”  The following week I hopped in the car and made my … Read more

Real or Fake?… Spotting Knock-off Bags


It’s a warm summer morning and you have wrestled your way through a huge bin of handbags at a tag sale. At the bottom, a Prada! Is it too good to be true? Have you found the needle in the hay-stack of … Read more

No More Empty Nesting

Style Confessions’ Sonia Baghdady shows you a home decor trick from “Style Cents at Home” pro, Taylor Spellman, that transforms your stacked nesting tables, into stylish shelves.
Videography by: David Ruzicka, Fairytale Studio

Goodwill Hunting

Style Confessions’ “Style Cents at Home” expert, Taylor Spellman fesses up about her $5 find at Goodwill. Check out how she transformed an old wing chair into a custom made conversation piece.
Videography by: David Ruzicka, Fairytale Studio