Fall Jacket Giveaway!


Just in time for Fall… win this fully lined Silas jacket in navy, by BB Dakota, provided by Tracy B Boutique, located at 1042 Chapel Street in downtown New Haven. If you’re like me… you wait until the first freezing cold day, … Read more

The Wedding Shower… Stop the Madness!


This is a slight deviation from my normal blog entry, but it’s a style confession that I owe not only to myself, but to the millions of women who are affected by this serious epidemic. Today, I boldly stand in the face … Read more

Perfect Posture

Great news… improving your posture is free! It just takes consistency… working on it a little bit each day, whether you’re at work, home, or wherever. Secret Wellness pro, Ellen Barrett shows you a simple trick, you can do anywhere. … Read more

Clearance Fashion Shoot


Clearly it’s no secret the models you see gracing the pages of fashion magazines are airbrushed beyond perfection. They’re digitally nipped, tucked, and smoothed over until there’s nothing left to tweak. Granted, they might start out with a genetic advantage over most– … Read more