Oh… The Oscars


So this was a first.  This year, under great duress, and chronic stress, I was forced to watch the Oscars on my laptop, propped up on the bar of the airport “pub” in Terminal E. Yep.  Classy.  But what’s a girl to … Read more

Budget-Minded Man


Guys, let’s face it… you’ve had a free pass for far too long when it comes to fashion. True, casual attire is showing up more and more at work, but there’s still something to be said for dressing for success. Stocking up on … Read more

2012 Grammy’s… Beauty Hits


So… we’re fresh off of the Grammy’s and I’ve been pondering a bit, as I’ve been known to do, on what else… beauty. My first thought as I was watching the Red Carpet Sunday night was, “S-NOOZ-z-z-E… Where’s the freak show, yo?” … Read more