The Nude Face


Ahhh…the ‘Nude’ Face….I think we’d all like to fantasize that somehow, miraculously, we wake up looking dewy, fresh, rested and glowing from….whatever the case may be! But the ‘makeup artist’ truth of it all is that this look sometimes takes as much … Read more

How Fab!


It’s the latest business buzzword in e-retail… ‘flash sale’. Online shoppers have developed a flash sale fixation… giving in to their addictions to sites like Gilt, Belle and Clive, the Foundary and Fab. What’s a flash sale? It’s a time-limited online offer of … Read more

8 Ways To Save On Prom Dresses


The official start of Spring is just around the corner and though the end of the school season seems far away, prom is in sight. Guys are scheduling their tux fittings and planning out the stretch limo ride… while girls are asking … Read more

Celebrity Style Steal… Nicole Scherzinger


Nicole Scherzinger steps out in thigh-high boots, effortlessly pairing a nude mini dress with a leather vest and a leather knot necklace. After scouring the sales racks, we recreated the outfit on our model, Jezerel… for $25! Nude fitted dress: Joyce Leslie … Read more