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So this was a first.  This year, under great duress, and chronic stress, I was forced to watch the Oscars on my laptop, propped up on the bar of the airport “pub” in Terminal E. Yep.  Classy.  But what’s a girl to do? I had to watch.  Now, if the bartender had been kind enough to turn at least ONE of the channels on the numerous TV’s behind the bar from whatever lame game was on ESPN, then there would have been a chance to actually watch the parade of prettiness on a big’ish screen but alas, no go. And just so all of you sports watching, snack munching dudes out there KNOW exactly what that means to a girl, especially one like me, imagine watching the Super Bowl from your cell phone… yes… your cell phone. That would kinda suck, huh??  So anyway, you can’t keep a good woman down.  I watched.  And in case, you were starting to feel sorry for me, as I hope that you were, I was in that “pub” waiting to board a flight to London. Not too bad….eh?…and totally worth the viewing sacrifice.

So without anymore ado, here’s what I saw on Sunday night… and that was lots of pretty, polished faces.  Nothing new, really, to report… but sometimes tried and true is the only way to go.

Soft Eyes… Meet the Red Lip… again

So, this trend has been “trending” on red carpets and on the rest of us for some time. It’s classic and timeless, and always works on the red carpet. BUT…if you’re feeling as “been there, tried that” as I am and you’re looking for a fresh take on this classic look….try a Classic Coral instead.  Coral is equally as timeless and a good way to move into spring.   Ready to give it a try?  Pick up one of these shades from Revlon… Moon Drops lipstick in Hot Coral, Colorburst lipstick in Coral or Super Lustrous in Kiss Me Coral.

Soft Eyes… Meet the Soft Lip… one more time

Now, I always like this look, AND…it works on everyone, of every age…Glenn Close and Meryl Streep proved that this year by being the winners of this beauty category!  BUT here’s the caveat…don’t mistake this natural look as your opportunity to go au naturale.  This IS however, your chance, if you’re feeling brave and ready to BLEND your bleep off, to try a little highlight and contour.  You know I’m not one to give permission to do this freely, so pay attention…

  • Contour for Eyes:  In the crease of your lid…use a matte shadow in a soft taupe a few shades darker than your natural skin tone.  Remember you’re just trying to create a soft shadow, not streaks of dark shadow applied in that horrible “windshield wiper” motion I detest.
  • Highlight for Eyes: Use a light shimmer shadow on the lid, and using the tiniest amount, highlight just under the arch of your brow with the same color. (Caution:  This does NOT mean douse your browbone in shimmer…)
  • Contour the Cheeks: Use an angled blush brush and fan it out in your fingers. Use a powder two shades darker than your natural skintone and  follow the natural hollows of your cheeks, lightly blending back toward the temples. (I know you know where those are…you’ve been putting blush AND bronzer there for the last decade….which is bad, by the way…)
  • Highlight the Cheeks:  Use  a shimmer powder or even a shimmery eyeshadow if you’re in a pinch in a nude color.  Dot or brush the highlight across the highest part of your cheekbone.  Just smile to find that spot and to make sure you’ve got it just right, place your ring finger between the outer corner of your eye and the top of your cheekbone. (and Puh-LEASE, keep the shimmer from getting anywhere near those crows feet or under eye area…hence the finger trick..)

And looking to snazzy up the Soft Eye?  Well then…just add a little Winged Eyeliner…I can’t promise you’ll look as gorg as J.Lo or Emma Stone but it is a fun way to shake things up a bit… pick up Maybelline Lasting Drama in Blackest Black.

-DD NickelBeauty on a Budget pro

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