Tangerine is in…


Tangerine isn’t just for fruit anymore… it’s for your face….. Huh??

Yes, that’s right… Tangerine Tango (to be color exact) has been named the Color of the Year (….yep…it’s a fashion fun fact.  Every year Pantone chooses a color of the year, setting trends in fashion and home décor and otherwise dictating or at least strongly suggesting that we should be wearing it and eagerly decorating with it.)  And unless you’ve been living on a deserted island alone with no fashion magazines or social media access, you’d know that shades of tangerine and all of it’s cousins are flooding the stores with color.

And what exactly does this fun fact have to do with your face?  Well, because I’m the beauty pro, I’m here to share.  The answer is, of course, that shades of tangerine and orange are making their way into our makeup bags.  Scared yet?? Well, you shouldn’t be.  Orange eyeshadow is actually a remarkably universal color that can stand alone or be mixed with your everyday neutrals.  It instantly brightens up all eye colors and can be worn on all complexions, from pasty white to ridiculously Snooki tan.  Use the orange shadow on the lid and wear it alone with a sweep of mascara, or pair it with a dark chocolate liner and your favorite sable brown shadow.

Blush in shades of peach and melon are the perfect compliment  and ….don’t forget the lips.  Go full throttle with a tangerine matte, or squeeze your way into the trend (really bad pun intended…)with a sheer gloss.  Even Sephora, the makeup mothership, is getting on board with Tangerine Tango Collections that cover everything from lips to nails.

And here are a few of my fave products  from NYX…. all available at Ulta.com and all an affordable way to get your Tangerine on… literally…

-DD Nickel, Beauty on a Budget pro

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