Rock & Republic


Too shiny. Too boxy. Big floppy collars. Giant YKK zippers. Far too ‘bad ass’. That basically sums up my leather jacket shopping experience for the past five years. No, I don’t have a Harley… don’t want to pretend I ride one… and … Read more

Draper Yourself


Once we used to dress like Mad Men, but now we just dress bad, man. One need only tune into an episode of ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” to see how far men have fallen when it comes to dressing professionally. Thankfully, there’s … Read more

Manic Mundies


There are only two kinds of men’s underwear: god-awful, and everything else. Women have a wide array of underwear choices that, if well-chosen, can both improve an outfit and (tastefully) showcase their assets. … Read more

Budget-Minded Man


Guys, let’s face it… you’ve had a free pass for far too long when it comes to fashion. True, casual attire is showing up more and more at work, but there’s still something to be said for dressing for success. Stocking up on … Read more