Makeup Tips For a Perfect Summer Glow

Owner of Eva Scrivo Salon, Eva Scrivo joins Sonia Baghdady and Alyson Charles on The Juice to show you how to get a sun-kissed look without basking in the sun. Get more beauty tips from her book, Eva Scrivo on Beauty. The … Read more

Tangerine is in…


Tangerine isn’t just for fruit anymore… it’s for your face….. Huh?? Yes, that’s right… Tangerine Tango (to be color exact) has been named the Color of the Year (….yep…it’s a fashion fun fact.  Every year Pantone chooses a color of the year, … Read more

The Nude Face


Ahhh…the ‘Nude’ Face….I think we’d all like to fantasize that somehow, miraculously, we wake up looking dewy, fresh, rested and glowing from….whatever the case may be! But the ‘makeup artist’ truth of it all is that this look sometimes takes as much … Read more

Oh… The Oscars


So this was a first.  This year, under great duress, and chronic stress, I was forced to watch the Oscars on my laptop, propped up on the bar of the airport “pub” in Terminal E. Yep.  Classy.  But what’s a girl to … Read more