Five Days of Fitness… High Quality Crunches

If you’re serious about getting in post-holiday shape, then Style Confessions’ fitness pro Ellen Barrett says, make your workout count. When it comes to crunches to tighten up your tummy, concentrate on quality vs. quantity… and you’ll see results in less time.

Five Days of Fitness… Mommy & Me Workout

If you’re a new mom without a lot of spare cash to spend on a pricey gym membership, or a sitter to watch your new bundle of joy while you hit the treadmill… how about making your baby your workout partner? The … Read more

Five Days of Fitness… Get Fit at Home


Every year, getting fit and losing weight ranks among the top New Year’s resolutions. Each January, gyms cash in on this burst of momentum… but chances are, it’ll end up being a money-losing deal for you, once your resolution runs out of … Read more

Five Days of Fitness… Grace + Gusto

You know the drill… starting this week, you’ll hit the gym like a mad woman in a desperate effort to shed the excess calories you’ve been ingesting since bags of Halloween candy hit store shelves a few months ago. You’ll brave the … Read more