Earth Day Giveaway!


Photos by Carla Ten Eyck; Styling by DD Nickel

So Spring has officially sprung and as all of us stylish-istas, know, this season is all about color, color, color! It’s on the trees, in the flower beds and…in the stores. AND it also happens to be Mother Nature’s birthday. April 22nd is Earth Day. And to celebrate her birthday in style, at Style Confessions, we have….what else? A stylish giveaway! Who said loving the earth wasn’t stylish?

In honor of Mother Nature and all the beauty she brings into our lives, we have a set of our favorite bracelets for one lucky winner. The Mmofra Trom Bead Project Bracelets are made from 100% recycled glass, and not only are they super stylish and perfect for the season, they also support a great cause. MTBP is a social enterprise that uses 100% of profits to fund education for African children. In a joint effort, students in Ghana and the United States built a business that sells bracelets made of hand-crafted, recycled-glass beads. The students in Ghana, string the bracelets knowing that the success of this enterprise is crucial to continuing their education. The students in America learn how to operate a social enterprise and gain an understanding of conscious capitalism. The mission is simple: Students 4 students. To learn more about the project AND to purchase your own set of colorful bracelets visit

For a chance to win a set of three bracelets in the season’s hottest color, Tangerine, send your best Style Confession to HYPERLINK “” (and don’t forget….we want your beauty, home décor and wellness confessions too!)

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