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Clearly it’s no secret the models you see gracing the pages of fashion magazines are airbrushed beyond perfection. They’re digitally nipped, tucked, and smoothed over until there’s nothing left to tweak. Granted, they might start out with a genetic advantage over most– but that’s a conversation for another time, which might require a couple glasses of wine.

The point is– don’t be fooled by the ‘image’… the proverbial ‘smoke and mirrors’ of the glamour world, if you will… because chances are, if you knew the whole truth, you’d not only feel a bit better about the hand you were dealt, but you’d also be a little less impressed by what marketing companies hope you’ll buy into.

That brings us to the point of this post– to create a fashion shoot, based on the clearance rack. Beauty on a Budget pro, DD Nickel, teamed up with professional photographer Jacklyn Greenberg of JAG Studios for this fabulous photo shoot. Before heading to the set– they headed to the sale rack at Forever 21. From the faux fur vest, to the grey v-neck sweater dress and the layered necklaces you see in these photos… the items ranged from $5 to $15! Yup, you heard me… five dollars! The fact is… from the silver screen, to the small screen, to the inside pages of fashion magazines, everyone’s looking to save a buck. We talked with the wardrobe director of the ABC soap, One Life to Live, to find out she shops for cast members at anywhere from designer boutiques, to vintage shops, to discount chains. It was a similar story during shooting on the set of the very stylish flick, Confessions of a Shopaholic. And if you were a fan of the dramedy Ugly Betty, set at the fictional fashion magazine, Mode, you might be surprised to learn a number of the fashions found in the wardrobe department were from stores like Banana Republic and Forever 21.

The truth is… no matter how big or small your ‘wardrobe allowance’, we all love a good deal. Some of us might choose to keep our style confessions to ourselves, and not fess up our bargain style finds… others decide to throw them on, find a cool backdrop and pose for a high end- looking fashion shoot. But we all have them, the style confessions, buried somewhere in our closets. Bottom line… it doesn’t matter how much you spend on your style, what matters is how you wear it.

-Sonia Baghdady, Host, Style Confessions

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