Face2Face… Meredith, Part 2

Meet Meredith: fashionista, dancer, showstopper…
As a professional dancer, Meredith is fearlessly ready for anything. Throughout all the training, rehearsals and preparation, she lives for the moment to come alive on stage and let her talent shine. Produced for GUESS Watches by Style Confessions’ Sonia Baghdady.

Shot and Edited by: Max Lipka, Sparrow Visuals, www.sparrowvisuals.com
Produced by: Sonia Baghdady, Style Confessions, www.styleconfessions.com
Starring: Meredith Miles & Stephen Hanna
Soundtrack: Jahzzar, “Elevator”
Hair and Makeup: DD Nickel Makeup Studio, www.ddnickel.com
Special Thanks: Broadway Dance Center

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