DIY Robin’s Egg Wreath


2013 is about infusing color and creativity into your life, year-round. Style Confessions’ Sonia Baghdady shows you just how simple it is to make a splash and turn over a new ‘wreath’. As a GUESS Watches Style Blogger, Sonia set out into the woods to add a pop of bold color to a snowy December day, wearing one of her favorite GUESS Watches. The result? This fun video for GUESS Watches by Cinematographer Max Lipka. Check it out here… then scroll down to see how to make your own wreath.

TWIGS: We picked twigs and branches in the woods, looking mainly for pieces that were already curved, then clipped the twigs to 8-10 inches in length.

METAL WREATH RING: We found one at a local craft store for $4, but you can easily make your own using a wire hanger by bending it into a circle. The more even and smooth the circle is, the better.

FLORAL WIRE CUTTERS: You can also find floral wire cutters at most craft stores. We picked ours up for $8. Use them to trim your twigs, and to cut strips of floral wire to attach the twigs to your metal wreath ring.

FLORAL WIRE: A spool of floral wire will probably run you about $6, but it’ll last through many projects… and it’ll come in handy more than you think!

SPRAY PAINT: We picked up a 12 oz. can of Design Master Colortool Spray Paint in ‘Robin’s Egg’ for around $4… and had plenty left over to turn a few other items into that lovely blue hue.

RIBBON: Pick up a spool of your favorite ribbon. We liked the combo of blue and gold… and grabbed this wired gold tone ribbon for $3.

TA DA! There you have it! $25 and a little bit of elbow grease… and you’ve got a bright and cheery wreath that you can say you made yourself! Plus, you’ll have plenty of supplies left to make one for a pal!

Photos by: Max Lipka, Sparrow Visuals

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