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The Nude Face


Ahhh…the ‘Nude’ Face….I think we’d all like to fantasize that somehow, miraculously, we wake up looking dewy, fresh, rested and glowing from….whatever the case may be! But the ‘makeup artist’ truth of it all is that this look sometimes takes as much … Read more

Brown Eyed Girl


So not only did Van Morrison write a song about you (…and me!) but I’m certain many a suitor have groveled pitifully at your feet for the chance to gaze into your deep, dark brown eyes… … Read more

He’s Just Not That Into…


…your makeup. Yep…it’s true. So, why is it that we spend hour after laborious hour and dollar after not so hard earned dollar trying to woo the glassy eyed, potato chip munching, sports fiend next to us with the bat of one … Read more

Makeup Encounters of the Scary Kind

Don Cravens/ Getty Images

We’ve all been there….the makeup counter. And it’s a scary, scary place….even for a makeup artist! They accost you, spritz you and spray you, push you into any available chair and then try to convince you that what you purchased from their … Read more