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Privet Party

Style Confessions’ Style Blogger Sonia Baghdady and Interior Designer Taylor Spellman throw a ‘Privet Party’, featuring the new decor line from Connecticut-based stylish home & garden shop, Privet House, now at Target stores nationwide. Shot & Edited by: Max Lipka, Sparrow Visuals … Read more

Golden Globes Glam


Award shows. They make me giddy…. giddy like a five year old the night before Christmas.  The movies, the red carpet, the gowns, glitz and glamour.  I love everything about it and to be completely honest, I don’t really know why.  The … Read more

Seasonal Smokey Eye


Ah, the infamous smokey eye. Somewhat elusive, always aspirational, and just like the hunt for a perfect pair of jeans or remotely comfortable brassiere, sometimes hard to achieve… without a professional anyway. (enter “bra whisperer” and any number of TV personalities that … Read more