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Welcome Matte

This season, it’s all about tucking away the shiny glosses, and breaking out the matte lipstick. It’s a trend we’ve seen before, and it’s making a comeback in a big way. As Style Confessions’ Sonia Baghdady and Celebrity make-up artist DD Nickel … Read more

Secret to Longer Lasting Hydrangeas

Love hydrangeas? Well, then you’re a girl (or guy) after our own heart! Wish they’d last longer? Yeah, so did we. So, we enlisted the help of Style Cents at Home pro, Taylor Spellman. Check out Taylor’s secret to making your hydrangeas … Read more

No More Empty Nesting

Style Confessions’ Sonia Baghdady shows you a home decor trick from “Style Cents at Home” pro, Taylor Spellman, that transforms your stacked nesting tables, into stylish shelves.
Videography by: David Ruzicka, Fairytale Studio

Kate Middleton Makeover

Style Confessions’ Beauty on a Budget pro, DD Nickel, shows you how to create the fresh-faced Kate Middleton look on our model, Dylan. (Sonia and Dylan’s tops are both under $40 from Ciao Bella. DD’s dress is $29 from TJMaxx.) Videography by: … Read more