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Seasonal Smokey Eye


Ah, the infamous smokey eye. Somewhat elusive, always aspirational, and just like the hunt for a perfect pair of jeans or remotely comfortable brassiere, sometimes hard to achieve… without a professional anyway. (enter “bra whisperer” and any number of TV personalities that … Read more

Welcome Matte

This season, it’s all about tucking away the shiny glosses, and breaking out the matte lipstick. It’s a trend we’ve seen before, and it’s making a comeback in a big way. As Style Confessions’ Sonia Baghdady and Celebrity make-up artist DD Nickel … Read more

Clearance Fashion Shoot


Clearly it’s no secret the models you see gracing the pages of fashion magazines are airbrushed beyond perfection. They’re digitally nipped, tucked, and smoothed over until there’s nothing left to tweak. Granted, they might start out with a genetic advantage over most– … Read more