Taylor Spellman

If Martha Stewart and Chelsea Handler had a lovechild, it would be Taylor Spellman. This up and comer has added a new twist to the over-hyped and over-rated DIY movement. As Founder and President of the Manhattan based interior design firm August Black, Ms. Spellman has racked up years of experience in all things design. Her personalized approach caters to both your style and your wallet –  finding gems and great ideas in unlikely places. Whether she’s in the pages of Forbes Magazine or on the small screen, Taylor is being recognized as a rising star.Photo Credit:Steve DePino

With her quick wit and discerning eye for all things design, Taylor has never been one to underestimate the power of an hour, whether it be happy or otherwise.  She will help you throw together a chic cocktail party for 10, transform somebody else’s garbage into a modern media center or whip up a meal that doesn’t taste like you drank too much wine while making it.  She adds the “je ne sais quoi” throw pillow, wall color or flower arrangement that will make or break your room without breaking the bank, your schedule or your sanity.

By applying humorous realism to the often disgusting task of home making she helps to relieve the monotony of some of these tedious tasks with impressive yet surprisingly low maintenance tips. She is a breath of fresh air for those of us who bring nothing to the table cause she’ll show you how to set it.

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